What I can offer to help sell your home:


Each listing is different and should be marketed differently. An experienced realtor will see advantages and disadvantages to certain types of advertising for each listing and in each neighbourhood. Here are some of the techniques that I’ve used to help owners like you sell homes:

We can discuss which of these or other techniques is the most suitable to help sell your property.

Trusted Advice

Much like a lawyer, a realtor will be giving you advice each step of the way. As a full-time realtor I spend a lot of time understanding market conditions and studying many different aspects of the real estate industry from commercial retail leasing to contract negotiation. I will offer you the best advice I can so that together we can sell your property as smoothly as possible. 


Its a buyers market, and the buyers know it. If they don’t like anything about a listing they can easily find another one that will suit them. Its important to keep their attention without appearing desperate every step of the way. I do this with clear, simple cooperative communication with buyers realtors to best represent YOUR motives. Since 2008 when I started practicing as a realtor with Power Properties I’ve developed a reputation with other realtors for negotiating with clear concise communications and working towards a common goal for all parties. 


During the due-diligence stage (conditions) and even after we have a firm sale its important that I stay in touch with my clients to ensure everything goes smoothly on closing day. A member of my team will always be available for you. We also offer many value-added services like reminding you when you need to contact the lawyers, to disconnect the utilities, forward the mail, and I’ll even send you market statistics after you’ve sold the property so that you can continue to evaluate the sale. 

If you have any questions about how to sell your property, please contact me.