First-Time Buyers Guide

Click here to download this guide on the 7-steps to purchasing your first home:


Pre-Meeting checklist

  • Bring your drivers license.
  • Basic information. When are you buying? have you been pre-approved? How much do you already know  about the buying process and what are  the next steps in the process for you. 
  • Are you renting? When does your lease end?
  • There is usually no cost to using me as your realtor. I will get paid by the seller in most cases.
  • I’m going to ask you about your credit and financial standing. Do you have savings? current value of all assets, if any? Current Depts? Annual Salary? How long you’ve been at your current place of employment? 
  • Prepare for next section (I will be asking about your wants/needs in your property it can be helpful if you prepare a list of wants/needs for your property i.e.. how many rooms? type of home?).
  • I recommend that you create a “Realtor” folder in your filing system. Later you will likely create a “Property” folder after you’ve purchased. I will create a client folder for you and you will always have access to any information in this folder. (Legally up to 5 years).

Initial Consultation (about 1 hour)

  • Meet & Greet. Tell me about yourself. Goals in life, how you spend your time, kids/spouse, environmentalist, sports, travel?
  • Scan Drivers License (This helps to avoid spelling mistakes, and is a legal requirement upon closing. )
  • Review Purchase Contract.
  • Review Buyer-brokerage agreement and consumer relationship guide.
  • Review Financial Approval. How much deposit, how much downpayment? Total available purchase price?
  • Create Auto-search
  • Refer any trades that you may require (mortgage agent, lawyer, movers, cleaners)

After our initial meeting

  • Sign buyer-brokerage agreement (easiest via Docu-sign)
  • Review auto-search results. Make notes and mark “Favourites” or “Reject” on properties. 
  • If changes to auto-search are required, contact realtor with changes.
  • When a property looks like it might match all your criteria, let me know what extra information you want (sold comparables, title, availability etc…). I will also help you to isolate grow-ops, foreclosures, or handy-man specials if you like. 
  • If you decide that you like a property I will also use my knowledge and experience of Calgary real estate to determine if that is really the right one for you. 

Checking out Properties (could be 1 day to 1 year long)

  • If you are ready to commit your time to view a property in person, please let me know which one and I will arrange the appointment. 
  • I will learn if the property you are interested in is actually still for sale and if there are currently any offers on it. Many properties that are still advertised as “Active” are actually looking for back-up offers and are already conditionally sold. 
  • Other services that you can request (for no additional cost) are open house schedules so you can view properties in your own time, or tours of properties when I would drive you around to many properties to view (usually less than 5 properties per day). Touring properties is reserved for when you are ready to purchase. Worst-case scenario is finding the perfect property when you are unable to purchase it.
  • When we are viewing properties I can drive you (if you choose), or you can drive yourself. I will arrange the appointments with the sellers and I will bring a feature sheet of each property and take notes of your likes and dislikes.
  • When we are viewing properties I will also help you to identify problems based on the knowledge I’ve gained of what you’re looking for. My objective is to eliminate properties that I think you will not be satisfied with. 
  • I can also provide you with additional information (upon request) such as estimated rental income, tax assessments, comparative market analysis, existing zoning by-laws, titled encumbrances, development permits).
  • After each property you will be expected to tell me your likes/dislikes and how the property compares to your favourite one. 
  • Mentally prepare for next section (Placing the Offer). We can even write a “mock offer” if you like. 

Placing the Offer (negotiations can take 4 hours to 4 days)

  • Once we find the right one, I will draft the initial offer for you to review. 
  • I will also need to collect a security deposit cheque from you (unless I collected it earlier). 
  • You can sign the offer with me in person, or remotely using fax, or using modern technology you can sign it on any smart device from anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Active deals take the highest priority in the purchase process.  At this step in the process I will remain on call for you and will respond to all communications within one hour.
  • When the seller responds to any of our offers I will include you in the process. I will offer my opinion of how you should respond, then I will ask you how you want me to respond. 
  • Once both parties have agreed to all the terms and conditions I will prepare the conditional purchase contract for yours and the sellers signature.

Due Diligence Period (usually 1-2 weeks)

  • Once the offer is accepted I will help you satisfy the conditions. This usually means arranging for a property inspector, condo docs inspector, or sending the signed purchase contract to your lender. 
  • I will assist at and attend any inspection at the property if required.
  • I will collect any condo docs that may be required from the seller or the management company. 
  • I will help collect whatever other information you want/need to be able to waive the remaining conditions. 
  • When you are satisfied with the condition of the property I will prepare the waiver for you.

After we have an Unconditional Purchase Contract (atleast 2 weeks)

  • Once you waive conditions I will collect your real estate lawyers information from you, or set you up with my recommended lawyers if you don’t have one. 
  • I will also deliver any additional deposits required, help you to comply with any additional terms of the contract, and ensure that funds are transferred to the sellers lawyer
  • Now its time to plan your move. You will have to arrange movers, cleaners, give notice to your landlord. I can offer recommendations for any trades you like, and I can assist with access for them as well. 
  • I will arrange for you to walk through the property 24 hours before possession. This helps to protect you legally, and it can help to plan the big move. 
  • On closing day I will collect the keys and happily transfer them to you so you can cross the threshold into your new home. 

After Possession

  • I will continue to honour my on-going obligations to you like confidentiality, and reasonable care and skill. 
  • I will maintain copies of all contracts signed by you for your future reference and for my brokerage.