Buyers Tips

Throught my years as a realtor I've remembered to write down some of the tid-bits of information that can make a huge difference in the life of a buyer. If you are considering purchasing a home soon, please read through these and imagine the trouble that this information could save you. Click on each one for the complete description.

Click here to See a complete guide to the 7 steps of home buying.

Buyers Tip: Choosing the right type of realtor for the job

Buyers Tip: Choosing the right realtor.

Buyers Tip: Buyers don't pay their realtor.

Buyers Tip: List of what your realtor ACTUALLY does for you.

Buyers Tip: Review the contracts BEFORE you need to sign them. 

Buyers Tip: Listen to your property inspector.

Buyers Tip: What is a condo? (hint: apartment building is the wrong answer)

Buyers Tip: Open Houses

Buyers Tip: Disclose as much as you can to your realtor

Buyers Tip: Break up your search into 3 parts

Buyers Tip: What are closing costs?

Buyers Tip: When you buy a house you get a free months rent!

Buyers Tip: What is "Conditionally Sold"?


Click here to see a well-written "Rent vs Buy" Calculator published by the New York Times. Although it was written for an American Economy, most of the calculations also work here.